Here's To a Brighter Future

By: Kurt Ballash (Owner)

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you, my supporters, for helping me through one of my toughest years. Ballash Woodworks has given me something to stay focused on through the grief of loss this year. All of you, through your desire to have heirloom quality wood pieces made by a passionate artisan, have encouraged me to press through the grief and into my purpose even further.

Ballash Woodworks has yet again proven to be a life saving purpose that has helped me through a tough life transition. My transition out of military service was hard, but the transition into being a widower feels impossible at moments. Having a daily focus on creating something helps prevent the destruction of my mind by overwhelming grief.

This year we hired 1 new full time employee (Connor pictured left) and three new part time employees (Colin and Cara, not pictured and Derek pictured right). As we grow we focus on training up our employees to create the same quality of product I have become known to produce. For that growth I am thankful. (Photo by Alexandra Tamvakis - photojournalist)

I've learned that gratefulness is important to getting through tough times. You acknowledge which ways life is not disappointing and it gives you hope. It's invigorating to acknowledge the victories in your life day after day, sometimes having to remind yourself nearly every moment of the day.

So I ask you, what are you grateful for? What victories have you had in 2020 that have made you a better person. Choose to be the light of the world and focus on making a difference where you can.

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