Training and providing mentorship to active duty soldiers, veterans, and thier family members who seek to learn artisan skills and utilize creativity to find their purpose.

The Artisans Outreach

"Woodworking is the grounding that has allowed me to heal from the cumulative effects of combat and service. Woodworking has provided me a sense of purpose, mental focus and a feeling of accomplishment. Through the Veterans Outreach at Ballash Woodworks, I hope to give back by teaching other service members, veterans, and their families the trade while providing a safe environment to heal."

---- KURT


During the consultation, we'll go over your ideas, cost and schedule your shop time.


We'll work together to design and draw the plans for your handcrafted custom piece.


You will be fully guided through
all steps of your project to help build your woodworking skills and handcrafted
custom piece.