Woodworking is in the Ballash blood. As a child, Kurt spent afternoons in the shop where his father and grandfather crafted custom cabinets. Driving nails into scrap wood while watching them get lost in the art of their trade, Kurt developed an unspoken love for the process of turning lumber into one-of-a-kind creations.


Kurt first followed in the family footsteps by serving his country. His grandfather served in the Navy during the Korean war; Kurt chose the Army. Just as his own service came to an end, Kurt's grandfather passed away and passed his tools down to Kurt. They provided a Zen-like calm that is not easily achieved after the deployments and rigor of military life. With every plane of a board or cut of a saw, Kurt's skills grew in tandem with his understanding for why his grandfather and father loved their work.


Whether framing out large wooden canvases for his wife, artist Jamie Smith, or creating custom pieces for friends and family, Kurt realized he was most at home in his garage, covered in sawdust and using his hands to do what God put him on the earth to do.

His signature Live Edge pieces allow him to honor the symbiotic relationship between the woodworker and his subject, letting the unique aspects of each slab dictate the shape and form of a final piece. He also feels immensely blessed to help clients realize their vision for custom pieces. If you can imagine it, Kurt can build it. And in the tradition of the Ballash family trade, his daughter Kelsey will be at his feet, playing with scrap wood and watching her dad turn his passion into one-of-a-kind works of art.